The Signs in Ourselves: Exploring Queer Muslim Courage
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Call for Action: Request for Protection for Kemal Ördek

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Reposted from AWID:

© Kemal Ördek'in Yanındayız

© Kemal Ördek’in Yanındayız


We call for action for Justice for Kemal and for all trans people and sex workers in Turkey!


1. Please kindly send your letters of protest to the Presidency, Prime Ministry, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Family and SocialPolicies.

Use the template letter that we have developed for your own use. Below are the exact information you will need to send your letters:

Republic of Turkey, President’s Palace,
Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (President)
Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi
06560 Beştepe – ANKARA

Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry
Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu (Prime Minister)
T.C. Başbakanlık
Çankaya Mah. Ziyaur Rahman Cad. Çankaya/ANKARA

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Interior
Mr. Efkan Ala (Minister of Interior)
T.C. İçişleri Bakanlığı
Bakanlıklar – ANKARA

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Family and Social Policies
Mrs. Sema Ramazanoğlu (Minister of Family and Social Policies)
T.C. Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Bakanlığı
Eskişehir Yolu Söğütözü Mah. 2177. Sok. No: 10/A
Çankaya – ANKARA

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Justice
Mr. Bekir Bozdağ (Minister of Justice)
T.C.Adalet Bakanlığı
06659 Kızılay – ANKARA

If you would like to prepare your own template, please send the final draft to prior to sending to the relevant officials so that we can check and provide our comments to you.

Please also send a copy of your letters to the Turkish embassies in your countries.

2. Please kindly send letters to the politicians in your countries, requesting their support for Kemal Ördek, especially in their communication with their Turkish counterparts.

We would very much welcome your efforts in asking your governments to inform their embassies in Ankara – Turkey to put pressure over the Turkish Government in regard to this case and the overall situation of trans people and sex workers in Turkey. Please feel free to contact us for any supporting documentation that can help you in this process.

Please kindly request the Foreign Affairs Ministry in your country to encourage their embassies in Ankara to monitor Kemal’s hearings.

3. Inform your friends, colleagues or other contacts who work for the media in your countries in regard to Kemal Ördek’s case.

We would very much welcome your efforts in encouraging your contacts in the media toconduct interviews with Kemal or Red Umbrella in regard to the case.

4. Please kindly inform your contacts at relevant international committees

Contact the European Parliament (especially relevant committees and heads of political groups), Council of Europe, OSCE and the United Nations about the updates regarding Kemal’s case and the negative approach of the court team.

Also, please kindly convey us the contact information of those officials or contact people at the abovementioned institutions/bodies so that we can regularly contact them in cases of further actions.

5. Think of other ways to support Kemal

For regional and global LGBTI, sex workers’, women’s and other human rights networks, we strongly encourage you to think of other ways of support to Kemal;

e.g. a visit to Turkey for meetings with the relevant Ministries in Turkey as well as the parliamentarians to encourage them to follow-up Kemal’s case and support them.


Thanks in advance for your support!

Short information on what happened:

Kemal Ordek (610x470)
Kemal Ordek

Kemal Ördek is a trans sex worker and a human rights defender from Turkey. They are the co-founder and the current chair of the sex workers’ rights advocacy NGO Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association.

Kemal was raped, physically attacked, threatened, insulted and robbed on the night of 5 July 2015. After escaping from the 3 young men who attacked them, Kemal sought help from two police officers, however Kemal became a victim of ill-treatment at Esat Police Station on the same night.

After filing a complaint against the 3 attackers, a case as opened against the perpetrators however the court team has continuously rejected arresting theattackers in the last two hearing which took place on 27 October 2015 and 26 January 2016. The same court team continuously rejected the third-party intervention bids of human rights associations in support of Kemal, including Red Umbrella which has been negatively impacted on by Kemal’s case.


Even though the perpetrators are free and haven’t attended the last hearing and that there is a potential of another attack against Kemal, the court team acts in opposite of what Kemal’s lawyers have demanded.

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