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Urgent Call to Action: End the Crackdown against Egyptian Human Rights NGOs

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The Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) is deeply concerned about the on-going crackdown against independent human rights NGOs in Egypt, including the recent imposition on NGO staff of travel bans, asset freezes, as well as the interrogation by investigative judges without transparency or due process.

Since mid-2011, thirty-seven of Egypt’s leading independent human rights NGOs have been under threat of closure and their workers under threat of prosecution, and/or imprisoned, in relation to Case 173—“the foreign funding” case.

The harassment continues today, and the NGOs under threat—including the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the Arab Network for Human Rights Studies, and most recently Nazra for Feminist Studies—make up some of Egypt’s most respected, independent human rights civil society. They are some the few organizations that continue provide essential social services, including documentation and legal advocacy on human rights violations in Egypt. As recently as 17 February 2016, the Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence was served with a closure order by the Ministry of Health for “breach of licence conditions.”

If the current prosecution of NGO workers goes ahead, including the charges being brought against Hossam Baghat and Gamal Eid, it could lead to the closure of these NGOs and the sentencing of their workers on charges that could carry life sentence in prison.

The laws being used include Penal Code Articles 78, 98(c)(1), 98(d), as well as Article 76(2)(a) of the Associations Law 84/2002. For full details on the ongoing cases, charges, and background please see: goo.gl/PmZ6GN

Asks to the government of Egypt: 

  • Halt the ongoing investigation of independent human rights organisations in relation to their legitimate exercise of their activities, and close the “foreign funding” case once and for all.
  • Grant NGOs a grace period of one year to register under a new associations law that would comply with Article 75 of the Egyptian Constitution, which allows groups to be recognized and funded by notification and invite NGO participation in consultations on the drafting of this new associations law.
  • Withdraw the administrative decision to close down the Nadeem Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and Violence.
  • Lift travel bans and asset freezes that were arbitrarily ordered against human rights defenders.
  • Issue a presidential decree pardoning all Egyptian and foreign NGO staff convicted in the 2012 foreign funding case.
  • Comply with the pledges made when accepting Egypt’s UPR recommendations in March 2015 at the UN Human Rights Council, and cease the harassment and prosecution of civil society organizations, women’s rights defenders and human rights defenders.

TAKE ACTION: We are asking for your support in circulating the news:
goo.gl/PmZ6GN, and request that you write immediately to your government officials at home and in Egypt, to relay the demands above. Find contact information for Egyptian embassies here: http://www.embassypages.com/egypt

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