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ODOS 2016: VISION holds Street Theatre Performances on Sexual and Bodily Rights of Hijras in Pakistan

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For One Day One Struggle 2016, VISION will be hosting a street theatre performance on the sexual and bodily rights of hijras in Pakistan.

Previously held in 5 different areas, these performances were the culmination of a fiveVISION-StreetTheatreWorkshop1 day participatory street theatre workshop VISION conducted with trans women from 18-22 October 2016. Throughout the five day workshop, participants discussed personal lived experiences, shared insights and analysis on how to challenge narratives and experiences of discrimination to realize sexual and bodily rights. Amidst these sessions, participants also learned the basics of street theatre, including voice projection, scripting, location, basic props, and then collectively developed and shaped the storyline and direction for the performance.


VISION_StreetTheatreWorkshop_2Street theatre is an especially useful tool for engaging people in a public space who might not otherwise seek out or access awareness raising events. For the first two performances, VISION chose locations with high foot-traffic, including the public Murree Bus Terminal where there was a higher likelihood of attracting passers by.

Over the course of the 20 minute performance, the crowds continued to grow, and at the end of the show the response was very positive, with audience celebrating the play’s key message of bodily autonomy and integrity.

Watch a video of one of the street performances here:!Ajq4-MflHoZxlVQacvNEJ5I3QTjU


Brief synopsis:

The birth of a child is celebrated in the traditional way, and the celebration is manifold because it is a boy child.  This child grows up to be different from others of his age, and manifests this difference through his activities. When the child reaches adolescence, the father and the older brother throw the child out of the house. The boy joins the transgender community. Police accesses are reflected in one Act and then in the final Act the boy, who has now been able to embrace his identity as female transgender, is hassled at a public park by some goons. At that moment, she tells the entire world that her body belongs to her,  and that she will determine what she does with her body, and who she chooses as friends/companions/family. 


On 9th November VISION will be performing on the streets of Islamabad. Stay tuned for more details and updates.

* All photos and videos shared by VISION with CSBR, please do not reproduce or share without acknowledgment.

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