CSBR Rights & Resilience Seed Grants: Apply now!
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The CSBR Rights and Resilience seed grants aim to support small scale projects that experiment with alternative ways to organize and advance rights amidst the impacts of COVID-19. We are inviting proposals for projects to …

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Resource: Musawah Knowledge Building Briefs

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Musawah has released two Knowledge Building Briefs that provide advocates with an accessible understanding of key concepts and ideas related to the Muslim legal tradition and family laws.

  • Issue One clears up confusion between Shari’ah, Fiqh and State Laws, and is available in English, Arabic, and French.
  • Issue Two sheds light on what makes the reform from within the tradition possible, and is available in English, Arabic, and French.


About Musawah

Musawah provides advocates and academics access to existing knowledge and creates new knowledge about women’s rights in Islam. Musawah seek to apply feminist and rights-based lenses in understanding and searching for equality and justice within Muslim legal traditions. Such lenses help reveal the tension between the egalitarian and hierarchical voices in the tradition, and uncover women’s voices that were for so long silenced in the production of religious knowledge, so that their concerns and interests can be reflected.

Musawah believes that the production and sharing of knowledge should be participatory, should recognise non-traditional forms of expertise, and should begin from contexts rather than texts. In this way, the knowledge produced will be grounded in the lived realities of women and men. These realities then inform the approach to the issues and the questions being asked.

Visit: Musawah.org

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