The Signs in Ourselves: Exploring Queer Muslim Courage
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Cover Image of “The Signs in Ourselves: Exploring Queer Muslim Courage”, written and compiled by Liy Yusof, with art and design by Dhiyanah Hassan. Cover image shows a rainbow with clouds on either end, with …

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Video: Sustainable Development Goals & LGBTI+ Organizing in Turkey – WWHR & Lambdaistanbul

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Want to understand more about the intersections between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and gender equality? Then take a look at Women for Women’s Human Rights (WWHR)–New Ways’ new video series on the topic:!

WWHR launched the  fourth video as part of this years’ #OneDayOneStruggle campaign (ODOS), interviewing with Sedef Cakmak from Lambdaistanbul on current challenges and opportunities for organizing for LGBTI+ rights  in Turkey and how we can link with the SDG framework.


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Lambdaistanbul is a volunteer run organization that was formed in Istanbul in 1993, right after the city governor banned the Christopher Street Parade that was supposed to be held in July 1993. Learn more about Lambdaistanbul here:


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Since its establishment in Turkey in 1993, WWHR-New Ways has worked to support the active and broad participation of women in the establishment and maintenance of a democratic, egalitarian and peaceful social order as free individuals and equal citizens at national, regional and international levels. Learn more about WWHR here:

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