The Signs in Ourselves: Exploring Queer Muslim Courage
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Cover Image of “The Signs in Ourselves: Exploring Queer Muslim Courage”, written and compiled by Liy Yusof, with art and design by Dhiyanah Hassan. Cover image shows a rainbow with clouds on either end, with …

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CSBR at the #SayEnoughAsia Skillshop

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From 20-22 January 2020, the #SayEnoughAsia Skillshop will be bringing together feminist activists from all across Asia to learn & share skills on campaigning to end violence against women and girls and gender-based violence.
Building on CSBR’s programmatic work on healing, pleasure & well-being, our coordinator, Rima Athar, will be offering the workshop “Our Felt Sense: Self & Collective Care as Feminist Praxis”. The method mixes personal stories, rituals, art making and light somatic exploration to see how we can support ourselves and each other to live, love & organize daily with a little more joy & a little more ease.
The Skill Shop line-up is packed with creative tips and tactics to advance rights for women and girls across Asia. For a look at making comics & zines, feminist films, reclaiming public spaces, challenging criminalization, organizing poetry cyphers, creative writing, online campaigning, digital security & more, follow #SayEnoughAsia.

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