Gender, Sexuality, Islam & Science – Spring 2023
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This reading & discussion course will create a space for participants to reflect on and debate critical perspectives in the development of discourses on gender and feminism across the world. The readings explore the variety …

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Befriending the Quran Community Course – Surah Maryam

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CSBR has opened the call for application for the third in our series of “Befriending the Quran” community courses for queer Muslims, this time on Surah Maryam ✨?

Apply by 16 October here:

????? ??? ?????: This course is offered for all queer Muslims, regardless of where they fall on the faith and practice spectrum. All points of view are respected and honoured. The main aim of the space is to open up the possibility for participants to befriend the Quran.

???? ??’?? ?????: The course will focus on a close textual study of Surah 19, Maryam, and other passages of the Quran where Maryam is mentioned. ⁣⁣We’ll also read some academic articles written on Surah Maryam and the Mary passages in the New Testament. Our study of Surah Maryam will be supplemented by discussion of Sufi poetry: a tafsir / commentary on Quranic passages in the vernacular and culturally accessible form. ⁣⁣The intention of the course is to invoke and experience the spirit of Maryam as a lover of the Divine, inshallah.⁣

Read more about CSBR’s courses on offer here:

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