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This reading & discussion course will create a space for participants to reflect on and debate critical perspectives in the development of discourses on gender and feminism across the world. The readings explore the variety …

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#OneDayOneStruggle 2020: Exploring touch, collective security, community fundraising, intersex rights, poetry as resistance, love in a pandemic, and solidarity beyond borders!

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Every 9 November communities around the world come together in celebration of sexual and bodily rights as human rights, as part of the One Day One Struggle! campaign, coordinated by the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR).

By highlighting the pressing political developments impacting sexual and bodily rights across our local and national contexts, the campaign demonstrates that sexuality is a site of political struggle and seeks to build solidarity to support everyone’s right to choose freely on matters of sexuality, fertility, bodily autonomy, gender identity and self expression.

In 2020, One Day One Struggle actions are planned across Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Palestine, the Philippines, and Turkey, with some cross-regional action from Central Asia as well.

See a brief listing of the planned actions below, and keep up with us using on Twitter (@SexBodyRights, #OneDayOneStruggle), Instagram (@csbrsexbodyrights) and Facebook ( on November 9th for updates as the actions occur!

* * * * *


Under the title শরীরিনিবর্তন, or #ForebearingBodies, Inclusive Bangladesh and the EQUAL platform, Somota Foundation and Noboprophaat, have designed a month-long program to celebrate each week, with a key focus on “Stories and Struggles of Intersex Peoples” in Bangladesh.

On 9 November, the team will launch a podcast exploring different dilemmas and experiences intersex people face. On 16th November, community members from rural & remote areas will share their experiences through various literary forms and visual arts, with a focus on grief and desire. On 23rd November, intersex activists will lead a webinar to discuss ways to reduce depression & isolation during Covid-19, for intersex peoples and people of diverse gender identities. Finally, on 30th November, a brief video of celebrating ODOS 2020 throughout the month, and a Zine compiling the discussions, artwork and expressions of intersex struggles will be launched.

Follow the hashtags: #শরীরিনিবর্তন, #ForebearingBodies, and #OneDayOneStruggle throughout November, and catch the updates with Inclusive Bangladesh through Facebook @INCLUSIVEBD, and Twitter @inclusivebangla.

Inclusive Bangladesh is a youth-led community organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since 2013, Inclusive Bangladesh has been promoting gender equality, SRHR, diversity, peace, tolerance, and religious literacy, employability skills development and mental health wellbeing
among the key young population of Bangladesh.

* * * * *

Working within the context of the on-going pandemic, much confusion, myths and disinformation abound about how communities can best stay safe. Working with gender diverse communities across Bangladesh, for #OneDayOneStruggle, Bandhu Social Welfare Society will launch a series of informative videos to dispel myths and build greater awareness of factual ways to prevent high prevalence rates, and to reduce mental stress.

This is part of Bandhu’s on-going efforts to support communities with COVID-19 relief, including through ensuring mental health support, awareness programs, distribution of personal safety equipment, networking, develop different types of education materials.

* * * * *


Across Central Asia, feminist activists have been exploring the use of dance therapy as a means to engage in embodied healing and stronger self-expression. For #OneDayOneStruggle, we’ll launch a video amplifying the beauty, joy and power of authentic body movement.

* * * * *


In celebration of One Day One Struggle, Mesahat Foundation for Sexual and Gender Diversity is holding a focus group discussion for LGBTQI++ activists and community leaders to provide their inputs on the development of a collective safety and security manual.

The manual serves to provide a risk assessment tool and recommended actions based on the assessment, which can support readers to make informed and practical decisions on their safety.

Stay tuned as well for a poster exploring holistic well-being, collective care, diversity and agency on 9 November, and the launch of the manual later this year!

* * * * *


Catch a live conversation on #FearlessTouch and Embodiment, by Fearless Collective and Sar-e-Rahguzar, from 5:30-6:30 PM IST.

Artist Shilo Shiv Suleman and poet Sabika Abbas Naqvi will be sharing updates from the recently concluded Touch project, which resulted in two public art murals as monuments that explore feminine desire and tender masculinities–all carried out in safety and resistance against the backdrop of the pandemic in Lucknow and Jaipur.

Follow @FearlessCollective on Instagram on 9 November to catch the conversation, and to also see updates and content about Embodiment, a campaign which looks across the gender spectrum to engage with masculinity, feminine energy, and emotional intelligence. #FearlessTouch

* * * * *

The Queer Muslim Project (TQMP) will be hosting an Instagram live session on Queer Muslim Futures as part of #OneDayOneStruggle 20202, 9 November at 7:30 pm IST.

Reya Ahmed and Maniza Khalid, the creators of TQMP’s latest publication Queer Muslim Futures: A Collection of Visions, Utopias and Dreams will be in conversation.

Follow The Queer Muslim Project on Instagram: @thequeermuslimproject to catch the live discussion! You can also download the book here:

* * * * *


Join GAYa NUSANTARA for the launch of Judging LOVE: Pieces of Poetry about Women, Diversity of Genders and Sexualities, Beliefs, and Love that Wins, on 9 November, on Zoom, at 19:00 Surabaya.

To celebrate #OneDayOneStruggle, GAYa NUSANTARA is hosting a poetry launch for the collection of poems titled “Menghakimi CINTA: Serpih Puisi tentang Perempuan, Ragam Gender dan Seksualitas, Ragam Keyakinan, dan Cinta yang Memenangkan” (Judging LOVE: Pieces of Poetry about Women, Diversity of Genders and Sexualities, Beliefs, and Love that Wins) .

This is an anthology written by numerous feminists, queer activists, and religious figures from diverse faiths, capturing the harsh realities of women and minority groups in Indonesia, as well as messages from religious leaders to fight against violence and hatred based on gender, sexuality and religions.

Register for the even using the QR code, or signing up here:

* * * * *

To celebrate #OneDayOneStruggle, Qbukatabu has compiled video documenting the perspectives of a diversity of activists–from young LBTQ organizers, indigenous people, musicians, media journalists and feminists–on how to maintain and expand the space for activism amidst heightened repressions of civil society. They’ll also be sharing updates about the campaign, as part of the exploration of how solidarity bolsters our movements! Follow Qbukatabu on Facebook, Twitter: @Qbukatabu and YouTube: Tim Qbukatabu to catch it!

* * * * *


Pondan Bantu Pondan by Cempaka Collective, co-organised with Gender & Sexuality Alliance Kota Kinabalu (GSAKK) – 9 November 2020, 20:00-22:00 Malaysia.

Pondan Bantu Pondan is an initiative to bring together queer people from all walks of life to promote and find solidarity from each other.

In Malaysia, one of the most common insults or slurs thrown at queer people is “pondan”, often directed towards trans women or “flamboyant” men. The term has been hurtful in the past, but today the queer community is starting to reclaim it, with a sense of empowerment. Through this conversation, Cempaka Collective aims to share experiences of how the COVID-19 pandemic is particularly impacting queer people living in rural areas, who face additional barriers to accessing financial aid and other forms of support due to their identity and sexuality.

As such, the event supports on-going fundraising efforts for the Queer Solidarity Fund, started in May 2020 by GSAKK in response to the pandemic. These funds have been used to support the costs of essential needs for queer folks, including food, rent and utility needs. With the second wave of COVID-19 arriving in Sabah due to the recent state election, there’s been an increase of support needed. The current fundraiser is aiming to raise RM 38,000 in funds, and to date is halfway through. 

Follow Cempaka Collective on Twitter @Cempaka_Co & Instagram @Cempaka_Co, and GSAKK on Instagram @gsakotakinabalu to find out more. If you can, donate to support the fundraiser! #PondanBantuPondan #OneDayOneStruggle

* * * * *

#RightsCameraAction! #CapturingQueerMalaysia #QueerOnScreen!

Songsang Studios is a participatory filmmaking journey, empowering queers in Malaysia and beyond to utilise video for visibility, to amplify the experiences of sexual minorities and produce entertaining content that advocates for equality. 

For #OneDayOneStruggle, Songsang Studios will share a short video on the journey so far, while the full series will be launched on their Youtube channel in January 2021. You can already subscribe at to not miss their content, add them on IG, and follow them on their twitter

* * * * *


Love, marriage and relationships in the time of COVID19, a podcast series by Muntada Al Jensaneya–the Arab Forum for Education, Sexuality and Reproductive Health.

Earlier this year, after months of home isolation, social distancing and fear of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19–Muntada launched this podcast series as a means to engage people in conversation about mechanisms of resilience.

How do we deal with out sexuality and feelings amidst a period of deferred dreams and restrictions on movement? Most of us are in constant wait, sometimes forced to be with others, or forced to remain alone and in isolation. Whatever the situation, the movement restrictions left many of us struggling with conflicting questions and feelings.

Safaa Tamish, the founder of the Gender Forum and a Marital Relation & Sexual Education counsellor, explores answers to these tensions and dilemmas.

Follow Muntada on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram to catch the episodes in Arabic.

* * * * *


Solidarity Beyond Borders! an international conversation hosted by Women for Women’s Human Rights–New Ways and KAOS-GL, on 9 November, at 17:00 Istanbul.

A breath, an inspiration…While leaders acting against LGBTI+ and women learn from each other and develop their oppression techniques, what can we, as resisters, learn from each other? The struggle in Brazil can be a breath for Turkey or a gesture in Russia can inspire a new activism in Poland. We invite you to witness the political atmospheres of different geographies around the world and the activism and international and transnational organization practices that have flourished here.

When this panel was planned, the world had not yet been tested by the COVID19 pandemic. Perhaps for the first time, we experience our attachment to each other’s bodies in such an increasingly expanding global horror – and, more importantly, in a radical uncertainty. We have been witnessing that international associations, governments and institutions have failed to, or chosen not to, fulfill their responsibilities in the face of this global problem. Today, when we are dragged into a radical uncertainty, we are confronted with the “fact” that we have no choice but to produce solutions through individual actions against the risks we face as a society.

To join the panel, please click here to fill in the registration form. Simultaneous interpretation into English and Turkish will be offered during the panel. The detailed schedule of the panel will be announced in the coming days.

* * * * *

Katre Kadin joins the campaign through their on-going workshop for LGBTI+ solidarity in Erzincan.

Located in the province of Erzincan, Katre Women’s Consultation and Solidarity Association, works to achieve gender equality by combatting heterosexism and patriarchy. Katre Kadin recieves many applications LGBTI+ individuals experiencing violence, and provides appropriate and necessary supports. This year, supported by CSBR, Katre Kadin launched the “LGBTI+ Getting Stronger in Erzincan” project. Through a series of workshops, the project beings LGBTI+ individuals together with the aim of countering isolation from homophobic and transphobic oppression and exclusion, developing solidarity skills amongst LGBTI+ individuas, and learning from each other through experience exchange.

* * * * *

Additionally, Muamma LGBTI @muammalgbti will hold an IG Live discussion on support for refugee self-organizing. Stay tuned!

* * * * *

As always our great appreciation to the efforts of the organizers of this year’s campaign!

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