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CSBR Core Values

CSBR is founded on the fundamental principle that all people, regardless of their gender, citizenship, class, age, mental and physical ability, religion, marital status, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, and sex characteristics, have the right to bodily and sexual integrity and autonomy and the right to freely decide on all matters concerning their sexuality and fertility.

With members from Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, the Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen, CSBR aims to advance a holistic approach to sexuality and sexual rights in member countries through feminist knowledge building (research, publications, campaigns & advocacy), strategic convenings and activists capacity-building.

Our Core Values 

  • Sexual and bodily rights are universal human rights based on the inherent freedom, dignity and equality of all human beings.

  • Sexual and bodily rights are central to the realization of women’s human rights and gender equality.

  • The advancement of these rights are crucial for advancement of democracy.

  • It is the duty and responsibility of all governments to develop, adopt and implement laws and other measures to eliminate all harmful traditional or customary practices that restrict or violate women’s human rights, such as female genital mutilation, crimes committed in the name of honor or in the name of passion, abduction and sale of children and women, early and forced marriages, dowry related violence and deaths, acid attacks, restriction of the right to mobility and temporary marriages.

  • It is the duty and responsibility of all governments to develop, adopt and implement laws and other measures to protect women and girls from all forms violence, including sexual violence, such as rape, marital rape, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking in girls and women and repeal all laws that lead to the revictimization of women and girls who have been subjected to sexual violence.

  • Women’s sexuality and bodies belong to themselves. The principle that laws must first and foremost protect the individual’s rights and freedoms rather than the public order and general ethics must be reflected into all legal change processes. All laws and policies that legitimize customary practices which put women’s bodies and sexuality at the disposal of men, family and society must be repealed.

  • All individuals have the equal right to enjoy a sexual life in accordance with their values. This entails not only the right to determine one’s sexual behavior, but also the right to sexual pleasure and desire.

  • All individuals have the right to sexually associate freely. This includes the right to decide freely whether to be sexually active or not, make free decisions on whether to marry or not, the right to divorce, and the right to sexual orientation.

  • All individuals, including adolescents, have the right to  equal access to highest attainable standard of safe sexual and reproductive health care and quality services, as well as adequate and affordable sexual and reproductive health information and comprehensive sexuality education.

  • Women and adolescents have the right to freely decide on matters related to their fertility and to access safe, effective and affordable methods of regulating their reproductive life.