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The CSBR Rights and Resilience seed grants aim to support small scale projects that experiment with alternative ways to organize and advance rights amidst the impacts of COVID-19. We are inviting proposals for projects to …

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Bishkek Feminist Initiative Kyrgyzstan joins CSBR!

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We are excited to welcome Bishkek Feminist Initiative – Kyrgyzstan, as a new member of the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR)!

Read more about BFI’s work below, and check out their terrific One Day One Struggle 2015 video, “Bishkek Girls Unite for their Sexual and Bodily Rights!”, challenging gender stereotypes in Kyrgyzstan:



From BFI’s Website:

Bishkek Feminist Initiatives (BFI) is a feminist group of activists in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, based onBishkekFeminists-Logo the principles of collective emancipation, solidarity, mutual support and equal decision-making, and non-violence.

BFI’s mission is to promote feminist values of ending all forms of oppression (sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, nationalism, xenophobia, islamophobia, class and socio-economic oppression, etc.) in Bishkek. Some of our goals are: to create a feminist network of residents, communities, organizations and initiatives in Bishkek for a meaningful engagement; to contribute to building solidarity with existing civil society movements, which share our values of justice and human rights; to provide feminist space and practices, especially educational resources and activities on resisting oppression and violence, and building informed alliances and partnerships.

BFI recognizes the complexities and intersectionality of oppression, and are therefore committed to prioritizing activism needs, voices and issues of the most underrepresented communities in our city of Bishkek. We promote a culture of peaceful civil disobedience, alternative activism, feminist philanthropy and issued-based solidarity activism. Our priorities are (1) feminist movement-building in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, including security and wellbeing of activists; (2) feminist multi/media/arts and writing; (3) sexual and bodily rights, integrity and autonomy education and mobilization.

For more information, see: https://bishkekfeminists.org/ and @bishkekfeminists 



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