IDAHOBIT Webinar: Bringing Progressive Faith Voices towards Diverse Genders and Sexualities (18 May, 8am UTC)
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To mark IDAHOBIT 2020, GAYa NUSANTARA (GN), with the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) and the Global Interfaith Network (GIN), is delighted to host a historical webinar!

“Bringing Progressive Faith Voices …

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Queering Indonesia: Self, Subjectivity and Crisis

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IFJ Vol.4 No.1, March 2016Indonesian Feminist Journal Vol. 4 No. 1 March 2016


Feminism gives hymn of equality the power and the incentive to emancipate humanity. Originally this fight embraces the cause of women’s liberation in full which still unachieved in recent years. Those experiences defend a specific understanding of philosophy as social critique. It owes its conceptual tools from the long struggle against racism and the history of slavery. In Indonesia, the tradition of phenomenology explores women’s experiences facing state violence as well as society’s unjust treatment against LGBT’s voices. The relationship between language and linguistic meaning as cultural marker has sharpened the way state and society rejected equality. Indonesia fails to think of history of transgendering, of Srikandi’s transgendering in Mahabharata epic. Or the ritual role of Banyuwangi transgendered males.

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  1. Editorial Queering Indonesia! Self, Subjectivity & Crisis (Dewi Candraningrum)

  2. When the State is Absent: A Study of LGBT Community in Jakarta (Gadis Arivia & Abby Gina)

  3. LGBT Human Rights in Indonesian Policies (Yulianti Muthmainnah)

  4. LGBT, Religion and Human Rights: A Study of the Thought of Khaled M. Abou El-Fadl (Masthuriyah Sa’dan)

  5. Sexual Bodies, Sensual Bodies: Depictions of Women in Suharto-Era Indonesian Film Flyers (1966–1998) (Christopher Allen Woodrich)

  6. Female Subjectivity in Oka Rusmini’s Tempurung (2010): Female Identity in Marriages, Pregnancy and Motherhood (Anita Dhewy)

  7. ​‘“You’ll learn, tough guy”’: on the Relevance of American Crime Fiction and the Femme Fatale to Indonesian Literature (Eric Wilson)

  8. Motherhood and Family Planning in a Globalizing World: Perspectives from Bangladesh (Amena Mohsin & Tania Haque)

  9. Children Suckling from the Water, Stones and Bamboo: the Women of Ratu Jaya Care for the Ciliwung River (Andi Misbahul Pratiwi)

  10. Women’s Leaderships in Indonesia: Current Discussion, Barriers, and Existing Stigma (Sari Andajani, Olivia Hadiwirawan, Yasinta Astin Sokang)

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