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CSBR is pleased to offer a new discussion-based course on “Gender, Sexuality, Islam & Science”, for those keen to bridge philosophical, academic and personal perspectives on these themes to advance a holistic understanding of faith …

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Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt, joins CSBR!

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We are so pleased to welcome Nazra for Feminist Studies as the newest member of the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies!

Nazra is a leading Egyptian civil society organization, who have most recently been recognized and awarded the “Right Livelihood” Award (known as the Alternative Nobel) for 2016 for their work in a diversity of areas.

rla-2016-laureates-new-bannerThis included combating sexual violence against women in the public sphere, provision of various support services to survivors of these crimes, supporting women’s right to participate in the political sphere and guaranteeing the inclusion of their rights in the constitution and Egyptian legislation, supporting young feminist initiatives in their work on different issues, and supporting women human rights defenders and shedding light on the violations they encounter and urging the Egyptian state to undertake necessary measures to ensure a real and effective participation of women in the public sphere, and exercise their fundamental right to bodily integrity.

Read more about Nazra below, and check out their website here:



logo_nazraAbout Nazra: Nazra for Feminist Studies is a group that aims at contributing to the continuity and development of the Egyptian and regional feminist movement in the Middle East and North Africa, where the group believes that feminism and gender are political and social issues affecting freedom and development in all societies. Nazra aims to mainstream these values in both public and private spheres.

Nazra’s team, believes that integrating gender and feminism will be achieved through the efforts of believers in the validity of these values and in the necessity of their implementation in both spheres. Nazra believes that youth, in their diversity, struggle to integrate their issues, which include gender-related issues, in their societies. And so Nazra generally works to provide all actors who strive to achieve gender related causes with all forms of support needed; and focuses, specifically, on supporting youth groups who strive to achieve those causes.

Nazra’s various activities and initiatives mainly aim at supporting women’s participation in the public sphere while strongly acknowledging the intersection between the private and the public spheres and how violence and discrimination against women in the private sphere affect their participation in the public sphere. Nazra for Feminist studies also believes that the continuity and development of the feminist movement is strongly connected to a public sphere where rights and duties of social and political citizenship are equal and where women could engage their causes in the process of democracy making.


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