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Sisters in Islam denounces Malaysian MP’s suggestion that marriage would stop statutory rape

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2 January 2016

Sisters in IslamPAS’s ulama council information chief has made a mockery of Islam with his suggestion that marriage would solve a high percentage of underage rape cases in the country, Sisters in Islam (SIS) said today.

The non-governmental organisation for Muslim women’s rights said Datuk Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali’s statement on Facebook recently was appalling and erroneous.
“Islam does not allow for underage marriages, especially if it is to the perpetrator himself, i.e the underage girl’s rapist.

“As a Member of Parliament, it is shocking that YB Khairuddin would undermine the severity and emotional trauma experienced by victims of underage rape cases,” SIS said, in reference to the Kuala Nerus MP’s Facebook post on Wednesday.

Khairuddin had also been reported in the media as saying marriage was the “most potent medicine in Islam to curb the social ill.”

“Society, specifically parents, must encourage and facilitate the marriage of their children.

“While the government must help provide incentives to lessen the burden of couples planning to get married,” he reportedly said.

The PAS lawmaker had been commenting on sexual crime statistics from Bukit Aman that showed 920 out of 1,794 cases reported this year involved statutory rape.

Khairuddin also claimed that 90% of the statutory rape cases were “suka sama suka” (consensual).

SIS considered this remark by Khairuddin to be irresponsible and misleading.

“Rape can never be consensual even if an underage girl does not explicitly say no, thus the term ‘statutory rape’.

“It is time we view rape as a crime that it actually is and a violation of human rights.

“Rape is a despicable act that is sinful in Islam and cannot be awarded with marriage.”

SIS added that Malaysia, as a signatory to the Convention of Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and Child Rights Convention (CRC), had an obligation to ensure underage girls get access to higher education and achieve their potential, instead of allowing child marriages as a solution to statutory rape.

Reposted from: The Malaysian Insider

Other sources: Malaysia Kini, The Star Online

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