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The CSBR Rights and Resilience seed grants aim to support small scale projects that experiment with alternative ways to organize and advance rights amidst the impacts of COVID-19. We are inviting proposals for projects to …

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Kohl: The Non-Exotic Erotic – Questions of Desire and Representation

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The winter edition of Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research, Vol. 1, No.2 is available in English and Arabic.


Questions of Desire and Representation


The Erotic, the Exotic, and the Space(s) in Between: The Race for Feminist Waves
Ghiwa Sayegh
Kohl 1.2: pp. 1-5

Opinion Piece

Curse Words: The Language of (Hetero)Intimacy
Cynthia El Khoury
Kohl 1.2: pp. 6-10


The Hystory of My Vagina: A Manifesto
Lady Gya
Kohl 1.2: pp. 11-16


Of Periods, Bodies, and Desire:
A Discussion on the Erotic Image in Artistic Representations
Rebecca Saab Saadeh
Kohl 1.2: pp. 17-25

Sex Tourism and the Military in Biomythographic Performances: An Interview with Jessika Khazrik
Ghiwa Sayegh
Kohl 1.2: pp. 26-30


Battles with Desire:
Centering the Body in the Personal Narratives of Doria Shafik and Latifa El-Zayyat
Salma Shash
Kohl 1.2: pp. 31-43

Fantasy, Mysticism, and Eroticism in Raja Alem’s Fatma
Ghadir K. Zannoun
Kohl 1.2: pp. 44-55

A Muffled Scream: Queer Affects in Abdellah Taïa’s Salvation Army
Dina Georgis
Kohl 1.2: pp. 56-65

Becoming-Queer-Arab-Activist: The Case of Meem
Sarah Hamdan
Kohl 1.2: pp. 66-82

From Ideology to Dogma?
A discussion about Femen, Aliaa Elmahdy, and Nudity in the Arab World
Maya El Helou
Kohl 1.2: pp. 83-92


One Is Not Born, But Rather Becomes, Joumana
Sanaa Khoury
Kohl 1.2: pp. 93-97


Genre et éducation sexuelle dans le système éducatif marocain
Zouhair Gassim
Kohl 1.2: pp. 98-107

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